Free 30 DAYS Self Care Challenge.

Tired of feeling drained and overwhelmed? Step into a world where self-care takes center stage. With our exclusive 30-day self-care challenge, nurture your mind, body, and soul. Let go of stress, boost your confidence, and discover a radiant version of yourself.

    Welcome, I’m Amanda!

    The late-night Googling, buying pretty much every self-help and selfcare book on the market, desperately seeking advice from anyone who would listen … these struggles are where ‘Love and Self-Care’ was born. Here I spill all the tea on love, self-care, and how to live your best life.

    Whether it’s maintaining relationships, finding love, or just loving your fabulous self, it’s a tricky business!

    Add in the need for some ‘me time’ without feeling guilty or compromising our goals, is even tougher. But it’s possible to find that balance

    Here You’ll find tips on …

    • Effective Stress Management
    • Actionable Time Management Tactics: Discover ways to make every second count.
    • Making Goal Setting Work for You: It’s not just about setting goals, but also how to reach them.
    • Embrace Work-life Balance: Master the science of juggling personal and professional commitments without burning out.
    • And much, much more!
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